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 Braking Mishap

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PostSubject: Braking Mishap   Braking Mishap EmptyMon 30 Jun 2014, 19:22

Trike brakes....
Down a hill on a bend approaching a   double junction   , touch the rear brakes and SNAP, a bolt on the linkage shears !! Hmm, wonder what affect just the bike tyre on the front will have on this very gritty road surface!?
Just as I thought, locks up and slides...Not Good !!!
Ride the nearside tyre on the curb will take some speed off, also flattens the tyre as I clip it too hard
Slowed enough to get around the corner on to the major road, luck in, no logging lorries!! Smile
eventually stop a few yards further on.
Inspect damage.... well,  I'm in one piece, Smile trike is still whole Smile , flat rear tyre Sad and no  rear brakes Sad Sad  otherwise fine Smile Smile

So, how do I  complete my journey home? only 7 miles or so.

Ring wife, neighbour comes out with  my spare wheel and electric drill...Sorted Smile

Replace wheel
dismantle Brake linkages
Drill out broken Bolt, re-tap find another bolt in my little collection of bits and pieces
Re-assemble and


Good Job I was only pootling !!!
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PostSubject: Re: Braking Mishap   Braking Mishap EmptyTue 01 Jul 2014, 14:48

I hope you're ok mate sounds like you had a near miss :O.

Braking Mishap 01c8e285f71d4d8c94c97a1752710c69.0
I'm also the Administrator of this website so any problems please private message me!!!
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Braking Mishap
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